Saturday, February 19, 2005

Biography, opus #1.

Some remarks. Our shop works four ten-hour days, 6:30 to 5:00 . Lately we've begun working overtime on Fridays, eight hours at time and a half. When the work is repetitive, like yesterday's pushing plywood into the table saw's power feeder, my thought can freely and safely roam elsewhere. (I still have all ten fingers. I used to have eleven.) "Keep the boards' edges tight to the fence, when the rollers engage, (ahead, warp four!), let go, pick up another board, repeat, D.C. al fine". The extra cash is welcome, but evenings find the mental sketches I'd intended to transpose have dropped out of warp. However, a theme is developing- a few measures composed and posted on weekends. Perhaps over time those measures growing into small etudes. So, gentle readers (reader), if you see on Thursday, posts leftover from the previous Saturday, I am trying. And I know someone has dropped in for a few notes. My newly tuned Sitemeter tells me I've had visitors, 19 when I last peeked. That's three of you three times each, plus my ten visits hoping to find favorable reviews. An accelerando! Smoothing Plane should overtake Larry King in a few weeks. (I do not wear red suspenders. I will not have guests.) Then watch out Georg Philipp!

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