Thursday, February 03, 2005

CNN: Where Motley is Worn

This is the gist of an email I sent to CNN. "You have sent email responses claiming Eason Jordan's comments were 'taken out of context'. Really? Show us. What is the proper context? What documents are you holding that give the correct context? Show us. Release a transcript of the remarks. Release the videos. It does occur to us to doubt your word. Or is Peter Arnett to shortly have a new friend?"
Further developments at Captain's Quarters and Carol Platt Liebau. Just more smoke. Or is it mirrors? Sturm und Drang? If there is nothing here, why does CNN care what the blogosphere thinks? The rest of the thunder lizard media says nothing. A stegosaurus with a brain in the tail, messages reach the head week late. What was that flash in the sky?
I think Eason is caught between a crock and a kiss on the derriere. To score peer group points with the sophisticates he cannot now reveal his motives without being revealed as a liar.

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