Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is Ridiculous

From Bogus Gold's post on The Minnesota Trooper Article, this excerpt from same:
"...our Minnesota organization uses money, threats, and political blackmail to enforce its anti-tax, anti-government agenda. The organization is proud of its 'no new taxes' pledge it has blackmailed many of our elected officials into signing..."

Threats? Who was threatened? And with what? Violence? Gunfire? Sleeping with fishes? Dutch rubs?
And blackmail...blackmail? Whose dark secrets were kept out of the papers? Were late night liasons in the back of Volvo's or drinking sprees under domes were kept from the hands of unnamed editors? And,( psst), money. Cue cigar smoke and greased palms.

The X-Files has more believable scripts. Corporal Jensen would be more credible if he'd included Martians with death rays. False assertions, smears and innuendo, whether by a tax protester in camouflage or a Trooper with ink, these are dangerous.

Update: Another thought. I don't agree that Trooper Jensen be fired. Saying stupid things publicly is allowed; it happens often at various places in St. Paul. Unless something he said carries criminal consequences, a blog swarm ought to suffice. David Strom gets the trump though.

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