Sunday, March 27, 2005

Big Night of the Honda hybrid

Peggy Kaplan at what if points us to a NY Times article in which a Lexus 300 has been exchanged for a 6 cylinder Honda hybrid vehicle. She then asked these questions:

Why aren't far more automobile manufacturers producing dozens of vehicles that are hybrids?
Why aren't there multiple choices of SUV's, luxury vehicles, compacts, etc. that are hybrids?
Help me out here, folks. What am I missing?

Very easy to answer with a few other questions. Why are there no more AMC Pacers? Small car. Roomy. Cheap to run. Still cold? How about this question. Why don't people wear clothes made of polyester double-knit? Durable stuff, was it not. Cheap. Even still available. Warmer? No? This then. Why are there so many coffee shops? And why are they not selling only Maxwell House and instant coffee? Getting hotter? What was Ian Holm's advice to Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub in the film, Big Night: "Give to the people what they want".

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