Sunday, May 15, 2005

Food Poisoning at Newsweek

Have you ever gotten food poisoning from a restaurant? Or just suspected those stomach cramps and vomiting came from the bad sea bass in squid ink? Whether it was or not, did you ever eat there again? Do you read Newsweek? Will you ever read them again, believe what they've written? I thought not.

The Newsweek Lied, People Died meme is touring the blogosphere, Roger Simon, Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed, Powerline, BlackFive, everywhere you look. I recommend the Anchoress' point of view.

Very astutely she remarks: I’ll update from the top of this post as this grows. But I might point out that it would perhaps help the press, all around if they would take the advice of Benedict XVI in his message to the media which boils down to:be ethical and seek the truth.

Smoothing Plane wants to know who reads Newsweek? If you do, watch out for that squid ink.

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