Sunday, May 08, 2005

Heather Martens: Willing to Die for a Safer Minnesota

"How about making it harder for criminals to get guns?" So says Heather Martens, her only straight forward sentence in 3 columns of bilge and diatribe that was last Thursdays Pioneer Press Taking Exception editorial. Does anyone seriously believe Citizens for a Safer Minnesota have any answers about "public safety"? Conceal and Carry is a target anyone can hit, and when the ammunition is verbal bricks, it is easy mistake the crashing sound for the mantle, "public safety". What the hell is that anyway? I’d take security any day. Security in my home, on the street, driving to work, and away from home. Pitch a brick though my window, show up inside my house late at night, and as Clint Eastwood said to Michael Moore about sticking a camera in his face, " I’ll kill ya!" I’d rather clean some thug's blood off the carpet than my wife’s. And until the Police can materialize instantly at the sound of breaking glass, my 12 guage is quicker on the draw than 911. When they arrive the hard work will be over, and silent congratulations at "making it harder for another criminal to get a gun" will be passed around the room, wink by silent wink. (Right now I imagine Heather Martens' superior moralistic position has about reached critical mass. Would a good antidote to that be you lying in a pool a blood on your own floor Heather?) If Heather Marten’s thinks an, "I’m against guns, I’m for safety" cloak of virtue will keep her "safe", I suggest she test that hypothesis in a dark alley behind a bar some Saturday about 3AM. The gun stuck in her face as her blouse is ripped off won’t be held by a permit holder. Their main feature, aside from displaying the true meaning of gun control, hitting the target, is law abidance. Otherwise why bother with the permitting process? Legal permit holders are known as citizens. The name for people who stick that .32 down their pants is criminal, thug, armed robber, rapist, murderer...terrorist. So how ‘bout those guys Heather? Got any solutions for them? Do you expect them to finally obey gun confiscation law #37, sign up for latte school and buy an old Geo? Her’s is a Children’s Crusade; the Pilgrimage of the Virtuous gun-fearing urbanite. Banners and slogans held high; Moms number 875,442, -443,-444, and numbers 4 through 9 of a million, locking arms in piety, determined to shout down the law abiding. Intoning the sacred words, "A Safer Minnesota."

God bless and preserve the Police, but they cannot be in all places at all times. And what are they when most needed but rough men with guns? An unarmed security guard to a terrorist is just another target. To the predatory criminal, Heather, you are just another victim. We are our own best defense. So the "schools, colleges, churches, youth programs, cities, counties, libraries, synagogues and businesses (are) scrambling for an exemption to the conceal and carry law." Good for them. Horses in a herd will run into a burning barn. Buffalo were stampeded off jumps with flapping blankets, and carved up with stone knives as they lay in the bloody dust. If you choose to bear no responsibility for your own security in dangerous times, go right ahead. That is your choice. But keep your laws off my Smith.

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