Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Unpleasant Familiars

Hugh Hewitt has been asking callers who've been responsible for someone else's death to call and talk about how their lives were impacted. Wondering also Michael Isikoff, and what may be going through, his thoughts about culpability over the deaths in Afghanistan. Is he reveling in power? Maybe he is thinking, "Wow, too bad about a few deaths; we sure have power don't we?"

Terrible to speculate about, or even whiff at suggesting. But we don't immediately shout, "No! Not possible. Couldn't be true!" That's our response if someone suggested such a thing about a Bill Bennett or a Paul Harvey. But Newsweek? NY Times? Mary Mapes? 60 Minutes? Bill Maher? Matthews? We've come to know them too well; they are the unpleasant Familiars. No slack for the benefit of the doubt.

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