Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Special Lesbian Sensitivities" how an accordian player described her playing skills at a local women's music event, when the West was home to me. I think of myself as a Westerner at heart, and lived in Montana long enough to say 'crick' for creek and not feel affected. Affectations now surround us.

Today the loud woman's louder shirt exclaimed yet more loudly, 'I eat p***y.' To a Terri Schiavo was murdered bumper sticker on the counter at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store, our weekly Saturday stop, (the Fair Penelope and I), she said, "Yeah, like the people opposing that, ("that" meaning, I assumed, the starvation/dehydration death) would want to live on life support forever." How could she know that? How could anyone? Oh yeah, special lesbian sensibilities.

On the bottom front page of today's Star-Tribune was a leader for "Minnesota Women in Politics", or "Women in Minnesota Politics", and hints that more are needed, required, etc. I did not stop to read it. Special Women's sensibilities needed in politics, more is better...would any other points of view be found down that article's path?

Yesterday's Kelo decision. Two women on the Supreme Court. One voted to take property away from individuals, for the higher benefit of someone else's pocket. The other voted against. Where was the special sensibility informed? Which jurist adhered to what principle? Was the 'special sensibility' affirmed?...betrayed?

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