Sunday, June 26, 2005

"To the Edge, Alice!!"

Captain Ed's Training to Work with the Majority, reporting on Tony Blair's placing his son under the tutelage of Republican House Rep. David Drier, Chairman of the House Rules committee, includes this dry irony:

"The Rules Committee is one of the most partisan and contentious arenas in the House, where power politics reaches its zenith. Blair must believe that the Republicans have more to teach young Euan than do their Democratic opponents about leadership and success in that arena. "

Tony Blair cannot have missed the " I have a Scream speech", the "We are the Nuts who say No!" skits, the Democratic re-enactments of the Palestinian Suicide Squad from Monty Python's Life of Brian, and Conyer's Gunpowder Plot Fantasy Island Impeachment Follies from the Democrat's underground bunker. Sufficiently schooled by the Democrats, the chances Tony Blair would send his son to their tutelage were less than a two-assed tossed into the air landing balanced on edge. Unbalanced, frothy, and in high zeal, the Dems are leaping over the edge as speedily as possible. In a final irony, if their 'friends' in the Dinosaur Press, ("What was that flash of light in the sky?"), would just ask some focusing, perceptive questions like, "Is your compass working?", they might swerve the herd. However entertaining it might be to see them all spinning through the air, mistaking velocity for flight and badly scrambling the signal to noise ratio, too many of their initiates are following the old bores off the precipice. And yet they are our countrymen; and their foolishness and blindness to the most obvious, real terrors confronting us, only compounds our peril.
Remember the IBM commercial with two consultants advising a client? The client says, "OK, go ahead, do it." The consultants' faces droop to sheepish and they say, "Well, we don't actually do anything. "
Amongst all their No!-things, mightn't the Dems just learn to keep silent ?

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