Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Too Damn Bad!

Hugh Hewitt had Chemerinsky on today; and he groveled on and on: "They had to stand for hours, until they pissed in their pants . It’s torture. It’s deliberate infliction of pain."

Piss off Irwin! And I don’t believe you feel this ‘outrage’ you’ve claimed. It’s just another lefty mental construct. I don’t think you have any sense at all what you feel. Your lefty faiths tell you what to believe you're feeling. I think you’re stuffing any real feelings, outrage or otherwise, hiding them all beneath oily talk. All the, "Well clearly Hughs" and "The truth of the matter is’es" are so much ballocks! If you were truly honest, you’d say something like, "Well, I don’t like feeling this way, but..." and have out with it. As things stand, you sound as pathetic and simpy as Diane Reem who said about the comedy in the film, Life is Beautiful, "But I don’t want to feel that way about the holocaust!"

And what really enrages me the most about Irwin, legions less that his sophistry, is his dishonesty. I think about those people who leapt to their deaths from 89 floors up, that the better of the two choices. "Burning to death ...quick, paper, scissors, rock, nope. Then jump! "Put that picture in your mind’s eye, (God knows it’s found precious few other places any longer), alongside an Al Queda prisoner standing in a corner. And, oh, the horror, his own shit is on his feet! Well Irwin, and Dick Durbin, and Pat(sy) Leahy, and Slow Joe, and the rest of you cowardly, perditious bastards, Too damn bad!

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