Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why We must Fight!

The headline from the online news of KBCI, Boise, Idaho
The link may be fugitive over time, I do not know. Her friends spoke:
Standing at only five feet, four inches, Carrie had a heart bigger than any person I knew," said Spec. Matt Harvey, with the 116th, who began a special relationship with Carrie in 2003.
"I knew after our first date that she wasn't just another person passing through my life," he told the audience.
It was a romance that ended all too soon when Carrie was killed by a roadside bomb in Kirkuk June 5. But Matt, who was also stationed in Kirkuk, said rather than mourn, people should celebrate Carrie's time on earth.
The Governor of Idaho spoke:
"She was a warrior in this battle of good against evil," said Gov. Dirk Kempthorne. "And to so many she brought good into the world."
May I speak? Help bring peace to the world, do battle with evil.

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