Monday, August 01, 2005

Deer in the Heh! Lights

Part of my wife's (the fair Penelope) and my Saturday routine takes us to the Starbuck's outfit at Grand & Victoria. During the Presidential campaign, still known to many in that neighborhood as "the recent unpleasantness", we wore our Bush for President buttons just to be annoying. Several people behind the Starbuck's counter wore their invisible Bush for President buttons. We could see them. Several times we've been approached on the sidewalks by very young looking people, in their 20's, (did I also look 15 then?), with clipboards, petitions, and dressed in shirts decorated with slogans or with initials and periods. Yesterday was initials and periods:
I.B.C.w. 209 H.L.-I am just making this up. Shooting fish in a barrel is too hard for me. I'm a catch and release fisherman with great respect for the fish, so I always talk with them. Yesterday's polemic was " stop the CVS Pharmacy they will hurt the local store."

"Oh, how will that work?" I said.

The 15 year old 20 year old replied, "I don't know, maybe a limit on how many stores can be in a certain number of block."

"Where do you get those numbers? How are they decided?" says I.

"Well, I'm just making those us as an example. I don't know what they will do."

"Why don't you just say the CVS can only sell so many bottles of aspirin, maybe eight, and then people must shop at the store across the street? It will do the same thing."

Says the 20 year old as the idea slips past her slogan-defended neurons, "I don't think you can do that."

Says I, walking away, "I'm glad you understand that. Think about it."

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