Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Defect,not a Feature.

Scott Johnson writes (again) at Powerline about the twisted, lunatic writings of Local Celeb Starsickle Nick Coleman . Apparently Nick believes the President flipped off the press corpse, uh corps, and caterwauled, um... wrote about it from the secret recessed of his coat room. Chastised by a reader Mr. Coleman...did you hear that sarcasm in the honorific, mister ? Let's listen again, "Mister Coleman". Better? Chastised, he sent the reader a photoshopped President holding his scottie dog in one had, flipping off Nick with the other, as proof.

Except in reply to others' visits, I never go to the Star Tribune and never, ever read Mister Coleman. It is just too painful reading anyone whose entire written aura displays only cynicism, criticism and cant. I believe journalists like Nick Coleman, and God knows there are many others like him, have abandoned incisive comment for what reads like the torture of small animals.

When my wife and I first began hunting for churches, our first stop took us to the very friendly House of Hope Presbyterian. We kept quiet when they told us Nick Coleman and his wife, Laura Billings attended sometimes, as if that would be a draw for us. Maybe they don't read his columns. If they did, maybe they would see him not as a feature, but a defect.

Postscript: What's curious and fascinating about columnists like Nick, et. al.; they've made other people, here the President, the source of all their problems and difficulties in life. It's all His fault! And if only He would change! etc. etc. Waiting for Someone Else to Change was Beckett's title before he altered it to Godot.

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