Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Asking Their Friends for Money

Will we be seeing President's Clinton and Bush '41 on television, leading the tide of donations and relief? After the announcement of their appointment to the same office during the tsunami relief drive, I know I did not.

I've thought about this and expect not to see them again. I'm not bothered by it. I'm guessing they won't be on TV hitting up the American people for tens, twenties and hundreds. But I believe they might be telephoning a few friends. I hope so. I certainly can't call any oil company executives, but I'd bet George can. And as long as he isn't distracted by the...well, neither can I call anyone in Malibu, or other environs Hollywoodish. I hope the latter apply to their donating the scriptural prescription about praying in private to giving. No hungry child in Biloxi, nor broken-armed 81 year old thrust from a nursing home in Louisiana by Katrina will be better served by celebrity donations. No ego-strings attached please. I't time to rise above that flood as well.

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