Thursday, January 19, 2006

Minneapolis Shootings, Lebanese Carbombs

From another TCSDaily article, this one written by Micheal Totten. The headline:

The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Sometimes Your Enemy

"This is terrific in a watch-the-bad-guys-turn-on-each-other sort of way. United Nations Special Prosecutor Detlev Mehlis has done fine work all but proving what most people instinctively already knew: that Assad or someone close to him ordered the hit on Hariri and is most likely behind the terrifying wave of car bombs that have exploded in Lebanon since. "

Is there a wave of shootings in Minneapolis recently? Maybe...highlights from the nightly TV reports could be seen that way. What if instead of shootings, there were terrifying waves of car bombs? (I think one bomb enough to make a wave.) This thought alone twists where my perceptions are rooted. Would it twist the regime in Minneapolis?

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