Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Smoking Ban, Manipulating the Market

There is rejoicing in the letters to editor's pages, how "our children are now safe". Our children are nothing of the kind. The council had the votes, they believe the progressive, utopian ideology, the ordinance becomes law. The health argument remains just that, an argument. When it can be demonstrated conclusively, with facts, reproducible studies, and the rest, I'll believe it. Otherwise I am sceptical, and cynical. I read, yesterday, the TCSDaily article Mitch Berg spoke about. It also included this-"The Wal-Mart law injects politics into the process of setting benefits for Wal-Mart workers", writes Arnold Kling . Even so in St. Paul. They have injected politics into the choices people make. The common routine of life, little pleasures, words and jests and small conversations are getting the skakedown. There will be an impact. It will have little to do with health.

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