Saturday, February 04, 2006

"And there was War in Heaven..."

With all due respect Hugh, you are wrong. Look at the responses. Yes, maybe the samples are skewed; I realize who is making the photos. But where are the masses of people with the, “Our religion is Holy to us, Down with ridicule” signs? The angry crowds might as well be carrying signs that say, “You cannot make fun of our religion. Apologize and be silent! If not, we will kill you in the name of Islam!”

Uncle Bill says he’s worried about “anti-Islamic feelings.” I thought these killers had nothing to do with Islam. What about the dangers of rising anti-Liberty feelings, anti-Denmark feelings, anti-France feelings, anti-Germany, anti-Sweden These masked killers are the True Face of Islam, their Black Hoods the Veronica's Napkins of their Prophet? If the terrorists demand a sacrificial lamb in appeasement, say a Danish homosexual, will he be handed over, for fellowships sake?

For almost six years the public face of Islam has been a creed from a video pulpit: burnt bodies, an armless, disemboweled English woman, bomb and shrapnel flayed children, publicly executed election workers, hooded murderers hoisting their guns, threats, intimidation, murder, and savagery from narthex to altar. They hold up the severed heads of their Host, proclaim the mystery of Thanatos, and their allegiance, in the name of Allah, to a cult of death. Now we need be concerned about the feelings of those who also for six years silently, (Qui tacet consentit), some have said, consented? But of course they have not consented. Their religion’s overrun by thugs with guns. Maybe, in silence, they consent to the cartoons, which expose those, whose threats silence them, and whose guns and threats aim to silence all decency, and all Liberty. A world pillaged and raped into a smoldering conflagration of the atomic Allah. While a frightening voice, like Kang & Kodos from The Simpsons intones, “Death for all.”

The cartoons are return fire. The common citizen has now found the soft spot of the bearded hate chanters: the Devil, that proud spirit, cannot stand to be mocked. A pencil’s been poked into the eye of their bloody creed, they see themselves, and do not like what they see. Too bad! Let us pray the poor and the meek, the charitable and blessed among Islam rouse themselves and oppose the bloody tares strangling their faith. Lift up a sign, raise your heads proudly and shout,” We are Islam! The Creed of Death has no place here!”

Hugh called it “…crude, sweeping anti-Muslim propaganda.” The blossoming of the crazies in the streets with signs are more sweeping,more crude, and a much more frightening than a few cartoons. How a few cartoons will make sideline observers take up the turban bomb, and join the murderers in their midst’s, I cannot see. It’s more likely given them, and us, yet another true picture of whom these people are: music hating, statue destroying, kite fearing, movie banning, women brutalizing, public executing of teachers, homosexuals, and all who oppose them, feudal, tribal barbarians, with a twisted-cross creed, too much oil money and dangerous weapons!

This is an information war. Shooting at these corner thugs and dockside bullies with ridicule seems mighty effective. Simple drawings are carrying the war to the terrorists. Any citizen, the Danish tradesman on a produce barge, or the Dutch 'sex worker' in Amsterdam’s red light bordello, can fight back at the murderers of Van Gogh, and the arsonists in Syria. The frustration of the idiot-savant murderers, swatting at cartoon gnats, is almost as satisfying as Jdam bites from hovering Predators.

If a few cartoons provoke this massive outrage, I suggest the next time Bush’s Brown Shirts make a library run, they sweep up every copy of the US Constitution, all the Federalist Papers, copies of Common Sense, Poor Richard’s Almanac, The Mayflower Compact, Lincoln’s inauguration speeches, the Gettysburg Address and, thrown in just for luck, Cotton Mather’s Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Translate them into Arabic, load everything up into C-5A’s, and sprinkle the lot onto Europe from the North Sea to Turkey. Their heads will explode.

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