Monday, February 06, 2006

Moo-haha-Maid's Cowboy Spits on 'em!

"Dern Persnickity Moo-slim Inmans! Bushwackers and backshooters! Got no damn sense a'tall. Been sneakin' round with cow pies. They smeared 'em onto the saddles of their own hired hands, convinced 'em to set the tack house on fire sayin', 'This'll clean up them saddles.' All the while blamin' it on the sheepherders and settlers. Next they commence to firin' guns into the air and stampedin' the cows. My fences an' corrals are all tore up; smoke an' ash and cinders all over tarnation. And then they got the gol dang nerve to blame on my cows for what's been coming outta their butts since '79."

"Oh... you think I look like Him? Can't be the hat...the beard maybe?

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