Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday 16th Notes.

Friday Eighth notes on Saturday. Friday was taken up not with all rests, but triplets racing with grace notes.

Quo Vadis? Why does the Church of the Divine Faith of Progressives & Secularists work so zealously to marginalize Evangelicals, Catholics and other people of Faith in political discourse? Perhaps they remember it was Catholics in Poland who tossed the atheistic communists from office, and want to avoid an encore.

Offending by Caricature. Maybe the real reason, an unconscious reasons, ‘Muslims’ are ‘offended’ by the ‘cartoons’ is not the false image, idolatry canard, but an unpleasant truth. (Setting aside for a moment the political manipulations.) None of us wants to look very closely at our own faces. Perhaps the face they’re seeing is not the Prophet’s but Islam itself. If it has become only a caricature, a cartoon of itself, well, no wonder...

The Procedure, which must not be named. “…which its opponents call partial-birth abortion…” And those in favor call…infanticide? …ethnic cleansing? …undifferentiated nine- month along tissue mass? A final end of term solution? In this context, Jeff Goldstein has written eloquently about perhaps the most long-term dangerous of these memes — the idea that rights inhere not in sovereign individuals but identity groups, and that every identity group (except the “ruling class”) has the right to suppress criticism of itself through political means up to and including violence.

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