Monday, March 13, 2006

On the House Front

Another milestone has been achieved; the furnace is connected. And we had heat until just after the furnace worker pulled away and the gas company arrived to relock the meter. I had called for it to be unlocked prematurely. The guys had to slog through the mud; God is our front yard muddy. Clay from the bottom of the foundation hole is nicely covered by about four inches of our great topsoil. It, however, is still frozen, and when thawed, drains very slowly. When we have grass, slow drainage means greenery during summer dry times. Now its mud.

The city is very fussy about mud washing into the street. A new silt fence has been run all along the front walk and between the walk and the street. No more trucks will be driving into the yard. I've put a couple of catwalks across the mud so when the water heater and the plumber come, they can hand cart it to the front door. The Fair Penelope and I bought primer yesterday to start painting, but the house was 43 degrees, a bit too close to the do not paint temp of40. Next Friday the gas and furnace should be running though, and so shall we. More anon.

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