Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday 16th Notes, 03.04.06

Tile, Flooring, Sheetrock, Gas. Hello. Yesterday the Fair Penelope and I found all our tile, kitchen, bathroom floor and shower wall, and limestone for the entry. When we get them, I will have pictures. The last of the sheetrock, taping and sanding was finished last Thursday. The furnace is 90% connected. (The utility company has yet to unlock the gas meter though. Hmmm...) The electrician, when asked for a few hot outlets put them all in and even connected light sockets everywhere. We have lights at night! Now, almost simltaneously we must install tile, build and set the kitchen cabinets, finish the Menard-vek, move on to the siding, prime and paint all the walls and ceiling, install the bamboo flooring, finish the front and side steps and porches, make the window, casement and baseboard trim, and sleep a few hours a week in between this and our regular jobs. Thank God for God's help.

"Hilary will never be President. Bill will sabotage her. "-So says the Fair Penelope.With Bill in Dubai working for the terminal sale to go through, and Hilary working against it, something about defense, I begin to agree with Penelope. Of course, since the Dems have been wrong opposing all defense up to now, they're wrong again. And Hilary's harangue, "The Republican should have...blah, blah, blah." The Dhims always know afterwards what should have been done. Who can stand anyone like that? I will not vote for nor follow someone whose leadership excels in always knowing what should have been done.

"We only destroy stones." So said the Taliban in Afghanistan when they shelled and destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas. Was the Mosque of the Golden Dome 'only stones;? To the "we cause terrorists" crowd, is your house only boards? The Death Squad terrorists are the equivalent of the KKK, yet much worse. To them, everyone is a nigger. Did opposing the Klan create more Klan?

Interesting Dates. The turn in the tide of Mohammedan influence in Europe did not occur for another hundred years. The Turks again laid siege to Vienna in 1683. They were turned back by an attack led by the Polish King, Jan Sobieski. Although those involved did not realise it, this was the beginning of a movement which was to see them driven out of Europe completely. The significance of the date of that attack will not be lost on the reader--11th September (snip) In a fax allegedly sent by prime suspect Osama bin Laden to a Qatari satellite television station on 25th September, 2001, a fortnight after the World Trade Centre disaster, he is reported to have said: "We incite our brothers in Pakistan to deter with all their capabilities the American crusaders from invading Pakistan and Afghanistan". This squares with other sources which show bin Laden to be a great admirer of the Muslim general Saladin who overthrew the Crusading forces in the 12th Century. "I envision Saladin coming out of the clouds," he is reported as saying. "Our history is being rewritten." It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the date of the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon was chosen specifically to mark the return of Islam after the rout suffered by the Turks on the same date in 1683. But did those directing the US forces as they commenced their attacks on the Taliban positions in Afghanistan on 7th October realise that date was the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto?

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