Monday, April 03, 2006

Hollywood Is Screwed

After sitting on their fotoplay asses for five years Hollywood is screwed. They ought to have been making films about the heroism of New York’s finest, the firemen and police who gave their lives on September 11th. A filmmaker ought to have been working at the Pentagon on Sept. 12th. The Pentagon was working on Sept. 12th. A John Ford ought to have been filming documentaries with the Seals in Afghanistan, the Marines in Fallujuh or the Army in Baghdad. Hollywood did not make Gunner Palace, they made Jarhead. They did not make the true story of the taking of the oil terminal near Basra, they made Syriana. Instead of telling the story of the murder of the Blackwater contractors at Brooklyn Bridge in Fallujah, they made Munich. Rather than telling the story of the thunder run into Baghdad, Hollywood told us how courageous they are for being out of touch. United 93, the true story of the heroism of those passengers, is set for release April 28th. Any film Hollywood might subsequently make touching the war against the Islamic Jihadist terrorists will be held up to United 93. And found wanting. They do not have the moral rectitude to make a such a film. So they are screwed. And good riddance.

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