Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Put Bill Keller in the Boat

I don't want to print all the swill here. Go here, to the WSJ Opinion page, and crawl through the scraps of dried food stiking to his editorial plate.

Back already? Washed the stink of rotting verbage from your nose? Some of my retching about this poor wretch:

"Most American newspapers, including yours and mine, try hard to separate the curiosity-driven world of reporters and editors from the ideology-driven world of editorial writers and columnists."

Oh bullshit they do.

"The news and opinion departments operate under separate management, and they play by different rules."

And fail at it miserably. They pretend not to be making things up. We don’t even pretend.
Oh for a muse of Alexander, to slice this untieable Gordian knot to halves.

“Secrets that troubled them…” Oh please. The only secrets troubling these people are Victoria’s. Any others are stilettos for their ambitions.

“Things politicians don’t like…” As if only ‘politicians’ are against printing national secrets in the New York Times.

“In the case of the eavesdropping story, President Bush and other figures in his administration were given abundant opportunities to explain why they felt our information should not be published”

Does anyone really believe anyone could tell the New Jerk Times anything to which they would say, “Oh, yes, we’d better not print that”? And “felt our information”. Shouldn’t that be “thought our information”?

“Agonized over it…” Oh please. Doesn’t’ he know that drooled is not a synonym for agonized? Or maybe it was a “Damn. The Risen book won’t be ready for about a year. This gets tougher to coordinate”.

“…vibrant, inquisitive press.” May they learn about an inquisitive press in the fourth circle of hell, and how vibrant flames can be.

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