Thursday, June 22, 2006

Damn the Presses!

At Iraq Now this:

2.) Why put a road off limits just because the enemy plants 18 IEDs there per night? That sounds like a terrific tactical opportunity to me. Any enemy who can organize and plant 18 IEDs in a single night is worth going out of your way to kill. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat - and if I knew such an enemy was making a habit out of doing that in one place, I'd find a way to attack and kill him - through some combination of aerial observation, snipers, OPs, channeling, random traffic control points, and manned or mechanical ambushes. Maybe not on the site itself - that's too obvious - but on the approaches to it. For instance, you could set three ambushes on approaches to and from the site, and observe it from the air or with a sniper team, if possible. The car with the IEDs approaches the site, and the aerial crew observes them, reports the information, and hits them. The ambush is not set until the air crew makes the report. When the moojies are hit, they'll either die, or run, and chances are they'll run right into the ambush, which is now activated and fully alert.

How different is this from the, "18 bombs went off today in Peoria, all is lost" reporting of you know who? The press doesn't know, and they don't know they don't know. Furthermore, they actually believe they've got it all right. In the words of the Daily Chaos, "Screw 'em".

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