Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Marines are Killers...

but they are not murderers.

I know someone who survived the machete killings in Rwanda. Only his credentials as a high school teacher spared his neck from the blades of the murderers. Had a company of Marines helocoptered in, would the Rwandans have run towards them or away? The Blue Helmets fled?How do the blue helmets compare with Kevlar?

What was the most egregious murder of civilians in wartime? Can you say Nanking? I have seen pictures of Chinese women from Nanking, bound, beaten, throats cut, wooden sticks rammed up their vaginas. Arms bound behind their backs, Chinese civilians were buried alive by soldiers in uniform. Two Japanese Lieutenants competed with each other in a race to take one hundred heads. Does this sound like anyone in Iraq? Do you want the Islamic Killers,(white phosphorus and Bradley's be upon them), to institute their own Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere? Would the Chinese have run towards or from any approaching American men in uniform?

Which direction would the New York Times run, into the gentle arms of those murderous forces not in uniform? And after draining their brains of all information,I wish we would just shoot all we catch. Up against the walls, open fire! Just like Malmedy in France, in 1944, where the SS machine-gunned 122 uniformed American killers, uh murderers, gunmen, me out Pinch. I know where you stand now. Which side were you on in 1944?

As for mine own part, I'll take Chesty's boys anyday.

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