Friday, June 09, 2006

Mourning (Zarqawi's !?) Humanity

Several radio talk show callers tried to scold the hosts for "celebrating the death of a human being"...too easily forgetting the photographs of cowardly men, masked in the black of death, celebrating the death of human beings. The former have lost their way of manhood; the latter were only once men. In deifying evil, no manhood or humanity is left in them to mourn. Zarqawi was truly, a devil. If we wish to mourn anything, it should be humanity's capacity to do evil, and that anyone could by free choice descend to such evil.

The prayer does say, deliver us from evil. Zarqawi's heart was evil. Blessed are those doing battle with evil, for they are the peacemakers. Not those tepid heart's set on neither hot nor cold. Spew them from among us, Oh Lord, that the battle against evil be won. The goal is not now, shouldn't ever be and never was to run away before this fight is over. The battle against great evil, and small, is fought without, and within. Choose this day whom you will serve. Either you are for us, or for our adversaries, the terrorist devils. (Laser indicators and precision guided munitions be upon them.)

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