Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Falling Ratings for Iraq: Death by IED

Mr. Rush Limbaugh said said something yesterday that needs repeating. Paraphrasing, 'The Iraq war for most Americans is a two minute television show they've grown tired of watching, and just want it to go away'.

"Oh no, not the news from Iraq. Turn to something else."

This is forlorn and pitiable. American resolve should be handed over to our enemies for the cause of ratings? If only the Might-be News included episodes of heroics, pathos, endeavor...if only. They never will. They have no sticking place, only formulas for headlines and meters to read public attention. When the gameshow is up, the game is up. It's time for a cancellation, a move on to something more viewer grabby. "The most anticipated drama of the last three years! Democratic House and Senate" We've seen the pilot already; it's been playing for the past three years. Now it's knocked Iraq-Death by IED to it's lowest rating in years. And it seemed to have such promise. But now...it's just another Afghan campaign, right? Nothing to see here, flip the channel...?

To depend on a media source for inspiration, persevereance, honor, is to believe calumny is bread, hissings poetry, malfeasance and smears, virtue. There is no soul behind the blinking box.

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