Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iran's Petro Vulnerability

Regarding iran's gasoline and off shore oil platform vulnerabilities. If I were them, I bluster, delay, obfuscate, gambit and bluff about my nuclear weapons until I had one and then threaten to destroy Tel Aviv if any moves weremade against the oil platforms, pumping terminals etc. Always, always trying to divide the opposition.

And I'm just a furnituremaker thinking about this in St. Paul.

Photos from the front and back. The stripey wood is goncalo alves, (the 'c' pronounces as an 's'), the legs and top are honduran mahogany, the doors' frames are cherry. You can have something similar for about $9200, and shipping. Half down.

I'd much rather do this than fester about the world; it's not my job man.

That's figured mahogany in back. I have two small pieces from that board in my stock.

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