Friday, November 03, 2006

Join or Die

When I read this, and imagined the contortions and gymnastics certain persons will go through to deny, undercut and minimize its implications, Saddam was dangerous, he had nuke-you-loor ambitions, wanted to franchise the club,I almost despair of ever seeing this country unified against the threats we must face. It sceams the question, will anything ever convince those who cannot and will not see? Like Frodo in the Ring Trilogy, who thought an invasion of dragons might be good for the Shire to rouse the too sated Hobbits from their leisurely somnolence, I think a big attack may be the only thing that will work. What a horrible thing, hoping for catastrophe to waken the sleeping. The world’s two largest buildings pulverized to dust, the pentagon, blindsided and sucker punched, the fourth plane courageously plowed into the soil of Pennsylvania-shouldn’t these deaths be enough to rouse the most deluded back to righteous anger? In his first 'not an apology' "I apologize to no one!", John Forbes Palooka believed all the criticism directed at him was from Republicans, the only motive entirely political. This is typical of the left. Having abandoned any religous morality for the religion of politics, they see no other values, scorn any other morality. At its lowest, this devolves into sniping, sarcasm, cynicism, pejoratives, invective and cant. (Substitute the names Kerry, Clinton & Clinton, Kennedy, Reid, Rang, Pelosi, Durban, Levin, etc. for any of those adjectives.) The point of such a politics is to skewer the opponent by almost any means. It is an end in itself. It possess no decency, admits no humanity in the opponent, and requires no ideas, demands no ability to elevate or lead, but chases public opinion as it also pushes the same opinion. The goal is not to succeed with ideas but to so slander their opponents that they appear to be the best choice in the ballot box.

I blame the press for this failure. They have taken the side of a party and an ideology when they should have taken a stand for the facts. When the ideology gets a pass, power becomes the objective, and the worst men rise to the top. Innocent women drown in canals, decent men are Borked, honorable men slandered with forgeries, just men filibustered, millions of man and women in uniform slandered and scorned. John Kerry should have been hounded from office years ago by a couple of astute questioners, faster than you can say who, when the name Mark Foley is spoken.

From W.H Auden’s poem, In Memory of W.B. Yeats:

In the nightmare of the dark
All the dogs of Europe bark,
And the living nations wait,
Each sequestered in its hate;

Intellectual disgrace
Stares from every human face,
And the seas of pity lie
Locked and frozen in each eye

These words seem to describe the gulf across which we stare. Except the ‘progressive’ left, lacking any self-awareness, cannot see themselves, and projects their defects onto us. From John Forbes’ first non-apology: “And this time it won’t work because we’re going to stay in their face with the truth and deny them even a sliver of light for their distortions.” Distortion, thy name is Palooka. The press plays for their own power, muscling aside reason to sell fewer and fewer papers, and retreats into cocktail parties to pat themselves on the backs for their wit.

I don’t think our enemies will attack us spectacularly before the election. They may not until just before or after 2008. Any sooner would only hurt their friends and fellow donkey riders. I think they will gnaw and bleed away resolve, echoed by the sycophants in the press, aided by the sycophants the press supports and endorses- Messrs sniping, sarcasm, cynicism, pejorative, invective, and cant. But God help us if the Dhims and the NY Times, those abominations of desolation, come to sit in the high seats of power where they should not be. Sputtering resolve invites a deathblow. No name-calling from John Forbes the Fraudulent, no slipped up jokery or bad French will deter these killers. If they, as they say, want death, then let us give it to them, and all they want of it.

Remember Mr. Franklin's words. We must join or die.

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