Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Medusa's Jabberwocky



"I oppose the war in Iraq, but I support the military and the men and women who serve in it," Congressman Rangel said. "What is happening now indicates to me that the entire volunteer system is in danger of collapse under the weight of the burden being placed on those who are serving."

"In rejecting the draft, the Pentagon has argued for years that volunteers wanted to fight and draftees were reluctant. The Secretary of Defense even belittled the sacrifices of Vietnam draftees. They also argued that recruits needed more time for training in order to handle today's high tech systems--not less. This decision shatters the myth of the superiority of the volunteer military while exposing the hypocrisy of the Pentagon's arguments," Congressman Rangel said.

"Everyone knows that we went into this war with an insufficient number of troops, but the problem now is filling the ranks of those units that are already on the ground," Congressman Rangel said. "We are only able to keep troops in field by extending deployments, calling back veterans who have previously served in combat and placing an unsustainable burden on the Reserves, who typically were attracted by the extra income they could earn after serving on active duty.
"These practices have devastated the troops' morale, made life more difficult for military families, and in many cases caused the loss of civilian jobs, homes and even marriages."

There's more here. Take deep breaths. If you can read reverse writing, use a mirror.

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