Monday, January 29, 2007

Eighth Notes: 1.29.07

Bits of this and that.

Wolf Blitzer's foolish questions for VP Cheney about his daughter: "To believe they were fair questions is to believe all children of public figures are fair game for political warfare. I know an ABB(anybody but Bush) who does.

Christmas, the Perfect gift! "Looking for the perfect gift to go with your perfect house, your perfect wife, your perfect child, perfect dog, perfect greatroom, diamond, sidewalk, garage, and the 31 LED clocks on every coffeemaker, stove, microwave, radio, egg timer and remote control egg timers?" "Got enough stuffyet?" More will not bring any more satisfaction or happiness than already is there. If you have gratitude, you have your health.

"The 'Run Away!!' Resolutions of courage & Resolve"-
If the BidenLevinSnowLugarBoxerSchumerWarner-ocerous creature believe their 'resolve' will not encourage 'resolve' among the enemy, they must believe the enemy is even dumber than they believe their own voters are dumb.

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