Friday, January 12, 2007

"The President should go", he said.

A little man, (small in stature- little), pronounced, "The President should go", settling into his usual sideways facing front seat of the 5:11 bus.

"Really", I said. "What should he do there? He is trained as a fighter pilot in F-102's. Those jets are not being used. Should he fly something else? If so, what? F-16's, AWAC's, C-130's, A-10's?"

"Should everyone who voted 'yes' on the AUMF go as well? Should everyone who ever voiced an opinion about fighting the terrorists be made to go? AT 57, I'd go. Will you convince the Marines to change their rules just for me? Should managers of baseball team pur themselves into the lineups?"

"Baseball players don't get killed."

"Which oppressive, non-compromising evil ideology can we fight without taking losses? Would you prefer submission? While the President is gone, who should serve in his place, the V-P? Or should he go as well?"

"No, he should go too. No one should have to go who doesn't want to, but everyone in favor of fighting should be made to go."

"Do you have no duty as a citizen, regardless of personal feelings?"


I got off the bus.

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