Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is Minnesota's newest Senator. Although the face is new, the packaging new, the rhetoric has turned past the tenth digits.

"America needs a farm policy that puts farmers first."

An Iraq policy "that focuses on political and diplomatic solutions"

Nice soundbites. Polite, meaningless words. After the SOTU the bite was, paraphrasing, "The President offered nothing new, only more of the same thiing." Miss Amy, when you were a prosecuter, did you ever try the 'new' techinque of arguing for the criminal? Or were you always just" more of the same thing", going for the conviction...? Didn't you just once take a drive-by shooter out to lunch, and make them pick up the tab? Sentence them to the stocks? Flogging? After all, American needs a criminal policy that puts criminals last.

And another thing: This is fatuous language, compassion-speak at the high masses of the progressives, useful for settling kindergarten disputes and name calling on the playground. It might work to give the brush-off to homeless peace activists, "Be you warmed and comforted". It wouldn't stand a Mohhamedan's chances in hell on a traffic cop.

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