Wednesday, January 10, 2007

'Too Many Restrictions on our Troops"-Pres. Bush

That sounds really good. Take off the damnROE gloves, fire the JAG's looking over shoulders and kill the terrorist bastards. The "green light" has been given to stop the sectarian interference. Translation: " Flying Monkey turd Al Sadr, watch your back, front and ass. Kiss that last part goodbye." "I've made it clear to PM Maliki that if Iraq does not follow through on their committments" (America's not staying forever). This sounds like a 'Come to Jesus' moment!

Other highlights: The US will hold Iraq to benchmarks. Iraq must provide security for all the provinces by November. Oil profits will be shared. Iraq will spend $10 billion on their money on reconstruction. Provincial elections will be held.

Do not expect an immediate end to violence, suicide attacts or EID's. Were you listening idiots in the press and fools in the Dhims? We can expect our TV screens to be filled with violent images. Were you listening idiots among the Dhims, and fools of the press?

I heard something quiet about going after the places where weapons are being produced for uses in Iraq. Hello Syria and Iran. Can you spell JDAM? How about ODA? Heh.

An American brigade will be embedded with every Iraqi division. 4000 men going to Anbar; none of them the Kuccinich nor Teddy the Bloated kind of men.

"This is the decisive ideological struggle of our time. More patience, sacrifice and resolve will be called for. Testing reveals the character of a nation."

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The Dhims whine about quitting. "All involved have a responsibiolity to say how what they proposse will succeed".

Note: Quotes transcribed from my scribbles are not perfectly verbatim.

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