Monday, June 11, 2007

I Always Come Late to These Things

A failure of personal responsibility means more personal responsibility is needed, not less. The shootings in Virginia mean more firearms training is needed not less. More of a "Assume all guns are loaded" maxims. Suppose I go on a mad spree at the job; I could probably kill someone at work with a staple gun. They are semi-automatic, high capacity tools? Ought they to be made single shot? Permitted? Background checked. What if I use a hammer? A gallon bottle of glue? The issue is intentions, not tools.

The secular, progressive, atheistic, reactionary liberals say, "Let's stop one criminal by doing this", but never say the other half of the sentence, "by turning 70 million law abideers into criminals." This gives the 70 million firearms owners the same choice the criminal's already made, "Do I break or obey the law (seizing firearms)? (The ABB'er I work with wants to outlaw and prohibit all firearms, like, of course, France.) Oh well....

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