Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Synthetic Candidates

I watched the You Tube video of the contestants flailing and spinning away from the "You've got twenty minutes to take out Bin Laden with a Hellfire missile" question. Three minutes and 18 seconds of purported adults trying to make viewers believe they are not seeing and hearing what they are hearing and seeing. Do they collude beforehand with the show's producer? "Mr. Obama, you get the 'We've just made things worse with the invasion of Iraq' lines. Mr. Edwards, you'll be fine, say almost anything. You have self-lubricating verbiage. Just wonderful for television! And Mrs. Clinton, you'll be repeating the 'My husband tried to get Bin Laden' speech, but please, Mrs. Clinton, remember, the short version. There is a live audience. This is a television game show. Not a pep rally. "

Bin Laden would be safe from these people if we had a month's lead time. They probably take a poll before tying their own shoes. We are asked to believe they are what they say they are, and are not what they say later about what was said by them before. They are flat, media caricatures. Synthetic puppets from the left.

I remember in George Orwell's 1984 the description of Victory gin, it had a"...flat, oily smell".

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