Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Petraeus Interview

I assume anyone visiting this small trickle of a blog has read the interview. On another page I have finished the article and am reading the comments to Attacking General Petraeus: The Hysterics of the Anti-War Fringe. What astonishing delusions! Because the pack does not hear what they 'know' to be true, what they read must surely be lies, spin, and propoganda! I thought the interview would be heartening to those of us who want to win this fight with the terrorists, and give those who want to lose new facts to deny. I was correct.

The Nelson-Atkins art museum in Kansas City has an enclosed outdoor Spanish plaza inside the museum. There are columns, sculptures and a fountain in the middle. Above, a balcony looks down on the fountain from all four sides. An art class of eighth graders was once gathered there, drawing the fountain. Without exception, every one drew the fountain as a perfect circle! They drew not what they saw, but what they knew to be true! To see a fountain from above as a perfect circle, you would have to be floating in the air, directly above it.

Where in the air is the left floating?

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