Thursday, August 02, 2007

About that 60% of Median Income

I have one question. If an apartment dweller, (sounds very different from 'home owner', does it not?), if an apartment dweller in the Winnipeg makes more money than the 60%, do they have to move out? If so, who would agree to move in? I wouldn't. Can I get the same deal here, in my house? Will they pay 40% of my mortgage? If not, why not? Because I can, and the Winnipeggy's cannot? This puts clamps on the natural desire to do better, and creates deviousness. I certainly wouldn't tell them I was making more money if my reward for it was to be tossed from my house. Would you? Whose goal is to live in subsidized housing and never earn more money? Not me. This is a trap, a disincentive to do better.

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