Friday, August 03, 2007

The Bridge Collapses

And shared, common humanity rises. Always. Why? Really, why does it? (Notice: long, run-on sentence approaches. Take a deep breath.) If the "We are rainbows, let us in your church, you intolerant bigots, you need to change what you believe so we can be accepted into what you used to believe but no longer do so we can join" homosexual crowds were outside any church hit moments later by a small airplane, would they use the signs to fan the flames or use the sticks on the signs to pry open the doors of the burning plane to free the trapped?

The press drops its "The jury was made up of 8 women, 4 men, three sorta of lesbians, two left-handed, partial Puerto Ricans, three Greens, seven converted Baptists, two blacks, three whites, eleven..."

For genuine victims of tragedies and disasters, there are no made up victim identity groups. Only men,women and children, their ages, and injured, uninjured, missing or dead.

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