Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anti-War = Anti-Victory

Dear Anti-war = Anti-Victory,

We're sorry this is too hard for you, facing up to an implacable enemy. The responsibility is grevious, and you're just not up to the task. Won't you just go home and let the adults handle this? We know you miss Bill and the carefree 1990's Oval Office Reality game shows, "Burn the Jesus Zealots", "What is Is?", "That's not Sex?", "Show me the Money!!!","Send Elian to the Island", "Arkansas Legal" and "Find the Zipper". And yes, in the moment just after you will admit those were American embassies bombed in Africa, but you didn't know any of the Africans personally. And those 150 Africans blinded by flying glass when they went to the windows to look out after a grenade exploded but before the truck blast went off, they brought it on themselves, didn't they? And how terribly personally, upsetting it is to you all, that young men and women who voluteer to go kill terrorists might be injured or killed. Oh, your humanity! It's OK. We know your entire lives orbit around what you feel . There there, that's all right. But if you will not enter in yourselves, won't you stop hindering the rest of us. Unlash yourselves from the mast of outrage and pretend, pull the wax from your ears, and redeploy yourseslves home. Your candidate Oprah is on the telescreen.

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