Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Coming Eden

Why does all this matter? Who really thinks any longer about human nature; or if there is such a creature? If you cannot get your mind around that term, try 'human spirit'. What persisted through the horrors of Dachau or the Bataan death march or Stalin's Gulags if not the human spirit? Was it something learned that drove survival? Or an innate quality? Say yes to the latter, and reason will force you to agree that, though men can behave as animals, we are something more than creatures of Nature. The revulsion we feel at the left's celebration of things carnal, the elevation of homosexuality to a virtue for example, the celebrate diversity nonsense, which equates humanity with skin culture or tribalism, etc. We are revulsed not by the acts or flawed ideas, but by the lowering of the spirit of humanity to mere animal urges.

When these flawed ideas are directed towards changing the political foundations of the United States of America, they portend anarchy and tyranny. Why change America from the 'Land of Opportunity' to the land of the special accomodation? If one disagrees that this country is unique, what other country in the world can one emigrate to, and become, say, Chinese, or French, or...Saudi? Do you know there are countries in Africa where one cannot own property? Countries where the government considers your money in the bank to be theirs, and one needs their permission to withdraw more than certain amounts? 19th century European peasants flocked to America because here they could do what they could not in Europe, buy and own farmland. America is the only country in which citizenship is based upon an idea. Not tribal identities, nor skin color, nor any other purely animal-out-of-nature characteristic. Equality under the law, i.e. justice. Religious freedom. Free expression. The utopian leftist schemes to change the political system of America are founded, (albeit I think unconsciously) on the notion of the perfectibility of man. All it will take, at last, after all the failures of the last two centuries, the 1000 year Reich, the Great Leaps Forward, various worker's paradises and Mullahocracies, stretching back to the founders of this urge, the Jacobins, are the right people in charge.

If you can't see this, you just don't care about people.

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