Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The "Designed to do" Fallacy

Quote about "assault clips" courtesy of Weer'd World via 'The Brady Cluster'.   "Assault clips are designed to enable shooting mass numbers of people quickly and efficiently without reloading. They have been used in numerous mass shootings, including in Tucson, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and Columbine, but they are not useful for hunting or self-defense."

Their assertion is of course, both false, and true. 

 "Language is designed to enable lying to mass numbers of people quickly and efficiently without reference to facts on the ground.  It has been used to justify numerous mass murders including genocides in Armenia, Germany, Europe, China, Cambodia...."

 One wants to know who is doing the lying, the shooting, why, and at whom?    The Brady Cluster will never think past their answers, and are incapable of understanding the nature of evil, or acknowledging its existence.  Never.  I think their tacit, (and unconscious) assumption is, "We don't do bad things, bad things are therefore caused by evil objects.  Evil objects did this.  Evil objects.  See.  See.  See how evil they look?" They and their fellow believer hold up candles to make themselves feel better, and important.  Superior caring skills lighted up with piety.  And Miss Japetty says 'They don't care about the victims'. 

Really.  If a firearm  owner was on the scene of a criminal attack on the unarmed, would he protect the innocent, or join in the shooting?  

(And one wonders if any of the Brady Cluster at the time cheered at Regan's being shot.)


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