Friday, January 13, 2012

Political Acts

First, from this video comes this statement:

"The right to bear arms is not about hunting, it's not about target practice.  The right to bear arms is a political right designed to safeguard Freedom, so that no govt. can take away from you the rights which God has given you, and it was written by people who had spent their lifetime fighting the greatest empire in the world, and they knew that if that had not had the right to bear arms they would have been enslaved, and they did not want us to be enslaved, and that is why they guaranteed us the right to protect ourselves. It is a political right of the deepest importance to the survival of freedom in America.  (Long applause.) "

Because all the candle lighting and public weeping of the Brady Clusters et. al., are political acts, and as they show by what they say, that they are impervious to reason and facts, I therefore do not believe anything they say about their intentions beyond believing they want nothing more than to completely remove firearms from the hands of their fellow Americans.  They want to do this with commoner and  commoner-sensical "gun laws", which only criminals will obey, the elite can ignore, and upon the law abiding, there will be no impact.  By gnawing away with inconveniences and by erecting "...a multitude of New Offices, and (sending) hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance", they hope to wear us down into compliance, believing that last line will  not be crossed.  However, "Victory or Death", (watch the video), at some point there will be nothing left to lose.  We wish to simply be left alone; they refuse to do this.  (If they really want to grab guns, it would be simpler to ignore the Fourth Amendment and go into the homes of criminals and just take them.  There are fewer criminals with guns than otherwise.)  Nevertheless, they make return fire not less, but more likely, and do not see it.  God help us.

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