Friday, February 25, 2005

"To Show our Thanks"

Here is a story from the Washington Post, courtesy of Blackfive worth reading in its entirety, at both sites. Some excerpts from the Post.
The commanders gathered every soldier they could find and headed to the canal. When they arrived, Poteet explained that three American servicemen were still in the water. (snip)
Naouma and Abdul Mutalib, known to the Americans as "Major Mohammed," began to strip. Several Iraqi soldiers followed suit. (snip)
"No, you can't go in there," said Poteet.
"Why? Why?" Abdul Mutalib pleaded, nearly crying.
"Because you'll die," Poteet said.
"No, I'm strong. I'm strong," Abdul Mutalib replied. (snip)

Asked why he now felt so strongly about helping the Americans, Abdul Mutalib said through an interpreter: "These people come 10,000 miles to help my country. They've left their families, their children. When we get hurt, they help treat us and take us to hospitals. If we can give them something back, just a little, we can show our thanks."

Did the Maquis de Layfayette or Von Steuben meet the same men some cold February day?

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