Friday, February 25, 2005

Two From Citizen Smash

This just in, Hell Freezes Over! Carefully blended into the backround is an accurate description of HRC's calulated political posturing. (Must I say it out loud? ) While almost any reference to the Hildebeest includes some speculative words about 2008, she holds a pre-Sept 11th valence preventing any genuine bonding with the higher charge the Presidential office requires.
And this quote, "I volunteered to serve because I appreciate the rights that we all enjoy as Americans, and I realize that someone has to be prepared to defend those freedoms." Special emphasis on prepared. Full text here. Well worth the visit, Smash describes his incounter with the Moonbat-Balrog, and his ongoing battles against those who call themselves 'anti-war'. (You know, those folks on the other side.) The swaths of the clueless are planning to cluster out side Camp Pendleton on March 19th, one year anniversary of the fall of the Saddam regime and his Vlad the Impaler sons, making ugly noises, bad smells and holding signs with five- and four- letter words. (Words like liberty, sacrifice and courage need not make an appearance.) Smash, and the Protest Warriors will be stationed outside the gates that day with their Thank You signs. Although not inclined to street 'theatre', (Marlowe and the Bard, avert your eyes), I'd be interested in holding a Thank You sign, perhaps at a recruiter's office, or...? Anyone else? Leave a note. P.S. There are local warriors, yes?

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