Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dear Press Types: Stifle!!!

Tolkien's best chapter from The Return of the King, The Scouring of the Shire, was omitted from the film. (What's that, you haven't read the book? ) The Hobbits return to find the evil of Sauron has infested The Shire with widespread desolation and waste. The Hobbits choose to fight!

"No!", said Merry. "It's no good 'getting under cover'. That is just what people have been doing, and just what these ruffians like. They will simply come down on us in force, corner us, and then drive us out, or burn us in. No, we have got to do something at once."

"Raise the Shire!" said Merry. "Now! Wake all our people! They hate all this, you can see: all of them except perhaps one or two rascals, and a few fools that want to be important, but don't at all understand what is really going on. But Shire-folk have been so comfortable so long they don't know what to do. They just want a match, though, and they'll go up in fire. The Chief's Men must know that. They'll try to stamp on us and put us out quick. We've only got a very short time."

Sam begins to ride south toward farmer Cotton's farm.

"He had not gone far when he heard a sudden clear horn-call go up...Then he heard Merry change the note, and up went the Horn-cry of Buckland, shaking the air."

Awake! Awake! Fear, Fire, Foes! Awake! Fire, Foes! Awake!


What has been the cacophony in the press about Benedict XVI? Smears. Sneers. Jeers. Oily smoke. Foul breath. Why? Because, finally, War is declared on "The Tyranny of Relativism". People just wanted a match. With a match, and a bit of white smoke over St. Peter's square, they are rising up in fire. Rush Limbaugh often tells how many calls he would got in his first few years on the air, people saying how charged to hear him speak his convictions. I felt exactly that when I read what I posted below about Benedict XVI. "Finally, someone is saying what needs to be said." At last a High Authority, speaking about Truth; indifferent to the printing-press jackals, and press-room vultures. I'm so sick of commentators and news types, Amanpours and info babes lecturing the Cardinals and the Catholic Church about what they just do to gain their approval. These people would stand at the Gate and tall Peter he needed to change the hinges, and do something about the music or they will be taking their laptops and going home. "Not enough inclusiveness. So intolerant. And way, too Catholic. And those robes, eeech." Well Big News! Cardinal Josef Ratzinger is now Benedict XVI. He is well above your petty likes and dislikes. As the old timey preachers said, "It's time to get right with Jesus!"
Awake! Awake! Awake!

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