Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"...most conservative & doctrinaire"

Someone I know, a friend, devout in his adherance to AA, will reply: "That's not the same thing!"

Before the vote he said, "I hope it's not Ratzinger." And then after, " really is possible to turn the clock back." ( I held my thoughts about candidate JFK, and the Carter era he wanted to resurrect, tightly in cheek.) At day's end my friend said, "Kerry, don't you know he's the most conservative doctrinaire and Cardinal they could have elected?"

"Should AA, to be less 'conservative and doctrinaire', change its tenets to allow just one drink? Maybe just now and then?Or, in the name of inclusiveness, to appeal to a wider audience, not insist one make amends to every person?"
I ask my friend ahead of time to forgive my making light of what for him is very sincere committment and was once a serious challenge in his life. But a committed Catholic also has a sincere committment to the serious challenges of life.

Read more about the twelve principles of AA here. He and I have started conversing about why AA works. Stay tuned...

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