Wednesday, April 20, 2005

NPR: Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

Rock and roll is a musical abomination to me, but my love for classical music takes me too close to the dry lands and parched soul of NPR and their hourly inky-radio version of news. Before I could shut off the headphones "...insurgents lined up the.." hit my cochlea broadside. "Jesus Christmas!", I shouted. (Once, years back I worked with some Palestinians at a fancy, half a star restaurant. Yasser's exclamation of frustration-Jesus Christmas.) "When the 'insurgents' assault the Mall of America and shoot packs of screaming teenagers just for fun, will NPR say, "The insurgents, their Islamic faith deeply offended by the bare midriffs..."

Picture Charlie Brown, once more fooled by Lucy and the football: "Aaaaargh!!!"

"Does anybody see what I see?"

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