Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Marines take on, (and KILL) the Enemy

Called Operation Matador, much smarter people than I have much better reports and assessments. See especially The Adventures of Chester. He has a maps marked with postions, the terrain, and a well informed, experienced driven take. When I look at the map, I do not know what to look for.

Chester tell us: The entire plan is probably dictated by the road networks and the river itself. It is possible that both roads leading west from Ubaydi and Rammanah -- and possibly even the Euphrates itself -- are free-fire areas for US aircraft.

Free-fire areas. Those might be handy to, what...1)Kill itinerant fruit peddlars walking in from Syria? Or 2), utterly blast to hell, uh, paradise fleeing terrorist mudering insurgent gunmen fighter rebel ENEMY? Hint: pick 2.

And this: I've indicated a recon platoon on the ridgeline north of the river. This has been reported in two or so different sources. Though it is not visible on this map, the Euphrates is at an altitude of about 500 feet above sea level, whereas the ridgline is no more than 750 or 800. So it is just enough to get a commanding view of the two roads, or avenues of approach, that are headed straight toward Syria from both Ubaydi and Rammanah.

Since the plan is dictated by roads, what do you think? Would a great view from high ground help or hurt our fight to send to Flaming Virgin Paradise Hell for extended T&D, (torment and damnation), the foreign fighters-insurgents-murdering-of-the-innocent Enemy?

And this insight: Though no accounts have indicated this, I strongly believe that other reconnaissance elements are performing screening and/or blocking missions to the east of the bridging site, and to the south of the Euphrates, in both cases near major road intersections. I've indicated these with infantry unit symols with no size descriptor.

Other reconnaissance elements...might that be Special Forces? Marine recon? Seals? More eyes...yes, more eyes are good. Two pairs of eyes, a laser designator, a couple of minutes turnaround time, and one or two Jdams put your name on ticket to the Flaming Virgin Lands. I like it.

Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping has good ideas too. (He is a former artillary office with a son in the Marines, God bless and Preserve them both.)

He says this: Operation Matador is the largest anti-terrorist operation in Iraq since the Army and Marines cleaned out Fallujah last November. It began today, with the objective of breaking the backs of the insurgencies operating from towns and villages near the Syrian border. Bill Roggio has details, including the report that the bad men are trying to stand their ground and fight (they have nowhere to flee to) which means US and Iraqi forces are cleaning their clocks. See also Belmont Club.

"No where to flee to". (Except Flaming Virgin...) Obvious when it is made obvious. And read his insights about the fight over the remaining seats for the trip to (you know where!) between the Al Queda (murdering scum bastards See NY, 9-11-2001 and FRE's. Some want the ticket punched, some don't. One Hand Clapping names names. Got to go. Hooah Marines! Kill them all!

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