Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Not just wrong, it's illegal."

Flown to the Roll posts on the foolish Onteiro Smith and the Original Whizzinator. Sounds like a winning title for a rock opera. And the original? There are knock-offs? "Accept no substitutes! Buy the Original!". Uh huh.

Dianne Carroll recorded a PSA once, a radio spot really about discrimination, (or was it drugs- beware the Whizzinator!). She ended by saying, "Remember, discrimination is not just wrong, it's illegal."

She had it exactly backwards. Discrimination is not only illegal, it is wrong.

Right and wrong is the higher order. A well exercised conscience sidelines the police. The judges call penalties. What happened to Onteiro Smith's conscience? Has it been put on waivers? Traded for a Whizainator, and a third round clean drug test?

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